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Aquajoy build,  maintain and refurbish natural ponds to lakes.

Natural ponds vary from man made natural looking ponds with liners be it a butyl rubber liner or a concrete shell to the more natural clay puddled lining most existing natural ponds have been man made in some way at some time but  a natural pond in the garden is still the look that many of our clients wish to achieve, from a large natural pond or farm pond as shown in the picture below to

natural ponds and lakes

A new twist on a natural pond such as a smaller version of the swimming ponds or natural swimming pools as you can see below you can acheive a very natural look whilst giving the pond a very modern twist. All natural ponds are built around a principle of plants to water ration and are built using various levels or zones including beaches or marginal planting zones of various depths suitable for different plants to deep zones suitable for lillys etc

natural ponds and swimming ponds natural swimming pool and natural ponds

Aquajoy Water Gradens Ltd can basically build  a natural pond or water feature to suit any requirements from very large fetures to the smallest garden pond or the wildest of garden ponds.

natural ponds and wild ponds

Please call Aquajoy for more information on our natural ponds range

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