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Flooded Pond
1/13/2014 3:27:41 PM
With recent bad weather your pond may be dirty or damaged, your pond and garden may even be flooded. Aquajoy can help, Have one of our engineers assess your pond and advise you on the best way forward. Aquajoy also service ponds and equipment aswell as build ponds. Contact us today for free hassle free estimate.

New year
1/10/2014 2:03:16 PM
It's a new year and a new start, have you prepared your pond for the new year. Aquajoy can help with a maintenance or maybe even a pond drain and clean. Aquajoy also construct ponds to suit your needs, no fuss free estimates provided.

Pond rebuild Dorking
11/25/2013 3:25:11 PM
The Aquajoy team rebuilt a pond in the Dorking area, are you thinking of rebuilding your pond. Why not give the Aquajoy team a call for a free quotation.

A pond that was constructed in Dorking

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Help with pests
10/10/2013 11:22:50 AM
Having problems with heron, or worried about pests getting to your fish, call the Aquajoy team we can install Heron fences, nets and so on to make your pond more secure.

Pond Safety
10/9/2013 2:10:33 PM
Do you have a pond and would like to make it safe for children and pets, Aquajoy  can help with our pond safety grills

Winter Is Coming
9/26/2013 1:08:33 PM
Have you prepared your fish pond for winter, now is the perfect time. Book a winter service with Aquajoy to make sure your pond is ready for winter.

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